Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Worn down.

Yet another pussy has taken the piss with me and frankly, Icannot be arsed with the human race anymore.
But nevermind that, I'll tell me councillor (Iam well aware I cannot spell that word) tomorrow. Yes, the NHS has finally got their arses into gear.
I am still loving the new job, bloody ell, err career? Totally gonna do mynursing. Well that is unless paramedics becomes an option again. I can play casualty in real life, not just in the playgrond like we used to.
Put an advert up offering to help with a new geeg and I have 3 relies back in 24 hours which all seem pretty promising. One of which I think is for a girl I used to help out before which would be interesting.
Might actually get back on track now with my riding. It's so hard to juggle these things.
As for my love life...trying not to let myself get in too deep like I always do. But it is damn hard, I just don't know where she's at.
I think she's in denial tbh, I think she wants me.
HA, that'll be the day.
Had a really horrid dream last night about my ex coming onto me on this halloween night out I've got with her. I've heard she's minging now aswell which is how I've pictured her and woke myself up having a panic attack.