Monday, 1 November 2010


Barely anyone makes the effort with me anymore apart from Allia and Kelly so cba. Just not doing it anymore. Don't make anyone a priority if they only make you an option. New life motto.
I feel right minging atm, massive spot on my face and a load of others. I'm not even stressed.
I'm bored of being single. It's got to that point. I just don't find it fun, I can't be a slag it's not me. And I can't deal with being lonely and other things...
There's nout wrong with me come on people.
Nearly fell asleep thrugh counselling tother day, nice one. I'm finding it hard to be open and honest with her which is making her think it's just been the shit that's happened this year causing th depression.
Struggling with my money again. And it's only on more payday tilxmas. fml. can't even be arsed with it this year.
Got a new horse which is good, she's called rose and she's beautiful. just been mistreated in thepast so she's a bit of a little shit atm and it could get dangerous, i'm sure she'll come along fine It's the only thing I ever look forward to nowadays, that and work in the right circumstances.
Ok so best go and get some rest, got 4 nights this week and I've just taken on 13hrs in bank shifts on top of that. Why do I do it to myself.