Wednesday, 1 December 2010


In every sense of the bloody phrase.
I feel disgusting. My throat is raw, I can't warm up and my snot is luminous like picalilly (can't spell it but I don't need to I don't eat the shite, snot or picalilly). Not that anybody wants to know.
Rosie is still fabulous :) so proud of us, riding out in the big wide dangerous world on our own. Love her to bits, best thing that's happened all year.
Just been thinking about 2010 and how shit it's been, here's the basical reason for my moaning in the order it happened, ahem:
my uncle died. fell out with our housemates big time so me and kirsty moved out on the night and had to find somewhere else to live immediately. quit my long term job for another, left after 3 shifts=unemployed. made the decision to leave uni 3 moths before the finish leaving me £550 in debt. my girlfriend of near enough 18 moths who i live with leaves me, asks me to move out soon as and swears there is no one else, leaves me £350 in debt. 2 weeks later she's with someone else. no one comes out for my 20th. i get sacked from my new job for having a new one. i have to borrow £530 from my Nan to get through the month. my car is hit by a taxi driver, i am blamed.
I don't think I need to go on. Even my counsellor was appalled.
To be fair, things are looking good. Iam knackering myself with overtime but I honestly will get there. (I'm listening to Sisters are doin it for themselves, so i might not actually feel this positive when the song's over...).
Do you know what I really wanna do? Write my own stand up material,  I think I'd be good at it. Got enough shit to ridicule.
Love life? Why do I bother. Jesus if therewas a drug to take to stop you liking anybody and wanting sex, by jove I would fucking be on it. MUGmust be written on my forehead totally. I am never number 1 on anyones agenda. I am always the back up plan. And do you know what, if I'm honest? It's probably because people don't think I hav any feelings, wouldn't like them, am too good looking and witty to just stay with them and not cheat blah blah. Cos the people I like always end up with mingers instead. So yes, I was serious about that very big headed sentence there. I still have an ego, it comes out once in a while and likes the odd stroke.
FUCKING SNOW RIGHT. Was well looking forward to seeing one of my mates who I have really missed and actually turns out to be one of the most genuine people I've ever met on friday. It's looking doubtful I'll be going. I say we all just piss on the snow when we need a wee, it'll soon shift.
Allia, what can I say apart from I think I fucked that shit up!
I now see absolutely none of my close mates and they never talk to me of their own accord which is really beautiful. Nice to know where I stand ey. I'll just get new ones don't worry about me.
I was gonna write about student protestors but I think I'll leave it. I'm too tired of winning these arguments.
And yes it does partly stem down to the fact I think most students are bellends. I'm about 80 on the inside.
Better get back to my crossword and TCP.

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