Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Look at that weather.

18th August 2010. Pissing it down. Monsoon rains aren't just affecting China you know. Why do we never get a summer? Mind you in all honesty I'd rather drown than burn. It's supposed to be more relaxing. The weather though, they just briefly mentioned it was raining in England and then moved on to the fact that it's sunny in the med. As my Nan said "oh well we'll just go and hang our washing out there shall we?"

     I do hopefully have more interesting subjects to talk about other than the weather though.  Like dogs in the news. Not minging people, go to Jeremy Kyle if you want them, but actual four legged dogs. How many times do we have to hear about a kid who's had their face/hands ripped off before people get some common sense? Keep your kids on a lead. If need be, keep your dogs on a lead. It just made me think when some little shit came running across he road (parents weren't arsed about that either, he didn't stop, look and listen for a kick off) after my mums jack russells. And yes, they were on a lead. But who's fault is it if some little shit then comes running up behind you?

     As it happens he didn't get anywhere near my dogs but if he had, Penny like me hates little shitty kids so god knows what would've happened.  There was one in the news today about a kid who might never see again cos she 'fell in dog dirt'. Jesus Christ, once again keep your kids on a lead but aswell LOOK WHERE YOU'RE GOING. Dog shit is dog shit, I'm sure even a kid knows what poo looks like and you don't wanna end up in it. And anyway how can a bit of poo in your eye cause blindness? It's just a cover up for summat else I'm telling you. Why should owners always have to pick it up on parks? Yeah it's not the nicest thing to look at but it's biodegradable unlike the litter that you're all always dropping. We have a lack of that on the news, 'Crisp bag slashes kid across the face'. I can hope.

     Well today my dressage show got cancelled. So I'm extra miserable and bitter. I'm actually absolutely devastated. This was the moment that 2010 actually swung round and became a better year as me and Broc bring it back home and start winning things again. But no. On the other hand something pretty serious must have happened to cancel it so I suppose I'll find out tonight. With any luck there'll be many more shows to come and with William.

     Isn't the world so full of couples? Where have all the single people gone?! It is ridiculous! Almost every lesbian I know at least is not single. This confirms my fears that being thrown into singledom a few months ago will be a permanent status due to the shortage of available and single girls. In lesbo land it seems if you don't jump from one partner to another, you've no hope. And those that are single...well most of them I'd rather not know. Jeremy Kyle, that's all I'm saying.

      I suppose it isn't all completely dire and hopeless as it may seem. I have met a couple of nice single lesbians but I suppose anyone in the right mind would run in the opposite direction, especially if they read my ramblings. It's Pride coming up, once again mentioned friend and "crush" said it was just a pulling fest...hmmm.

     But for now I have to walk the dogs all over again...I'll keep you posted.



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