Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Once again inspired by Annabel I am going to try and list ten songs which my life fully relates to or reflect defining moments in it. Ahem, in no order...

1) Faithless: Insomnia.
It has to go up here. Being 16 and dancing to it in Siberia, begging Rick to play it because it isn't a rock tune. Then at the big build up all the smoke comes out and you lift your arms up in that trance sort of way and then...release. And probably drop your drink. Good times.

2) Xavier Rudd: Stargaze.
This is a very personal song shared with someone I loved very much. All that needs to be said really, I'm in danger of becoming emo.

3) Alicia Keys: Karma
My life is riddled with it. I truly, truly believe in it and you'd be a fool not to. Treat others how you'd want to be treated...unless they've treated you like shit then it's a whole new kettle of fish. Maybe if I hadn't have cheated on that boyfriend twice and ran off with my boss and left my old job in such a way and made that girl cry...blah blah blah. Maybe this year would be different.

4) Sleater Kinney: Jumpers.
This is such a beautifully tragic song (god I really am emo). I think anyone who's ever hated themselves or suffered with depression can relate to this guys story. It don't think it has to be about waiting to kill yourself or whatever, it just as much relates to waiting to feel better.

5) Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart.
It's one thing you can guarantee in life. Every one of my relationships has been torn apart by me or the other person falling for someone else. I just don't know if it's ever gonna be any different.

6) P!nk: Don't Let Me Get Me.
In fact give me any P!nk song and I can relate to it. People say she's just a manufactured pop singer when in fact she's real, she writes her own stuff and covers issues that normal people go through. I've certainly felt like my own worst enemy. 

7) Space: Neighbourhood.
Guaranteed to get me up on any karaoke. Put this on and I'm back in the 90s listening to this on my now cd in my room or blasting it out of my dads car speeding whilst taking my step sister home. Never ever gets old and it's true, the world is full of freaks!

8) ABBA: The Winner Takes It All.
Right, whatever. I LOVE ABBA. Fact. Describes people shitting all over you quite well. People you fully trusted, loved. In such a catchy way. And I absolutely will always love Mamma Mia. Liz's car with Helena singing it on college frees...best days of my life.

9) Slipknot: Vermilion. 
This takes me back to being a teenage mosher, full of angst and confusion. Again it is a very personal song which I see about being haunted or obsessed about something or someone that you can't quite ignore. 'She isn't real, she isn't real, I can't make her real'...

10) Queen: We Will Rock You.
Takes me back to watching Queen videos as a kid with my cousin and dressing up as Freddie Mercury. We truly believed we were the only Queen fans out there anymore. This particular song I think fits me putting on a confident front which I do so often. 

That was astonishingly difficult. And it probably isn't even right. 
Song for the future: We Don't Speak Americano. Here's to happier, dancier times. 

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