Friday, 20 August 2010

Sweet Charity.

So I want to do some kind of event/s next year for charity. But to avoid the main charities who basically support cancer and various illnesses, kids, old people and cats & dogs is proving very difficult to do. 
     Plus I'm not even sure about the kind of event I'd want to do. A walk would be good but it doesn't excite people into sponsoring you or thinking it's going to be particularly hard. A run, now I don't know whether I could handle that at all. I'd have to train for ages and even then, I hated cross country in school or doing the sports day runs. I completely died after about 100m guaranteed. 
    Then there's cycling, I reckon I wouldn't be bad at that after randomly cycling 16 miles in Menorca last year and dealing with it. But I don't have a bike. I could get one I suppose. Again, there's just shitloads for the mainstream charities who spend all their bloody money on putting adverts with crying children on whilst you're having your tea that you never pay any attention to anyway.
     Then there's the idea of making my own...ahaa. Could be a complete success and then one could turn up or it could just go tits up in some other way. I'd really like to do it though. I'm just scared it'll be one of those things I always say I'm going to do then never do. I'm quite bad for that me. 
    Bt what would I organise and how? I'd love to do a ride for life, you never get any of those. Imagine how easy it would be to get press. But it's the routes that are going to be the  problem. I'm not familiar with many hacking routes round here so I'd have to really do my research. And possibly get a sat nav. Then there's permission from the council possibly...and THAT is a massive ache in the balls. 
     OR I could organise a horse show at one of my yards. Not too difficult to do I suppose it's just getting people to take part and finding an unbiased judge who doesn't want paying for the privilege. 
...hmm let me know your thoughts. 

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