Friday, 10 September 2010

Back down with a bump.

William was wonderful yesterday. Went on a ride out, was an angel and didn't spook once. Then went in the school and did our first little jumping sesh :)
Lou thinks we're going to make a good team. I hope so.
I was so happy yesterday.

And then today a fucking taxi driver went right into the side of my car, liek whilst we were driving along in the piss rain at 30 miles an hour on a dual carriageway. He was trying to understake a learner and clearly didn't check his mirrors the prick. Got a big bump in the side of my car and I'm a bit shaken. We think we've found him anyway so hopefully it'll all get sorted. Why is life such a bitch and why does it feel the need to remind you all the fucking time?

Stressed now. Just want to go out really and not be on my own, can feel a depressive mood coming on but no one's arsed as per.

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