Thursday, 2 September 2010

Can exs be friends?

Well no, no they can't. Number deleted. Still on facebook because I am far too nosey for my own good. And to think I was naive enough to think we had a strong enough friendship to not allow any bitch to come between us because she sees me as a threat. But why thankyou for the compliment. I am rather hot aren't I.

So apparently my references are sent off to priory. We will see about this. I love how my Dad went round there all salford style I really do. I just want to start now and get myself some dids.

cos to be honest at the minute I could have a love life. But no money does kind of massively dent that. And in a weeks time i will also have no car because I have no money to insure it. I am going to go completely insane. On the upside, my legs might get even more ripped from walking everywhere.

I really want to ask this girl number 2 to come out somewhere, but I'd clearly have to whore myself to get there. Fuck M1lkshake. Fuck Papermill. Fuck jobseekers. I am now also in over a grands worth of debt and i am 20 years young. I love my life.

Girl number 1 though, despite the's probably still gonna happen and I wouldn't mind. She's just not girlfriend material.

Seem to be seeing less and less of William :/ I've been going up on  my own seeing as this yard seems to be showing it's bitchy side already. I don't take shit. I won't stand for it. I am quite content with going somewhere, putting my music on and not speaking to anyone. Going out on my own...chilling with the horse. I can have a perfectly good chat with him and I'm sure he won't comment on my riding like he's the be all and end all in the sport. 

In other riding news, I want Bob from Ryders. He's only four but he's got manners of gold, tries his best at everything and is showing promising potential. I'm just not sure of my saving skills and I'm pretty positive some bugger will get there first like with Red.

Anyway my cat's done a shit so i better go and clean it. That's the reality of my life. Sigh.

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