Monday, 6 September 2010

Why do they always run at me?

Big dirty spider that is. Lucikly my Dad pulld off a superman worthy swoop and got it
before it ran oer my foot. Best not be any waiting for me at home.

AND...I got a date I got a date...without a date :S as in calendar date not person. Well, it's a drink. But I like her.  And she's obviously not running from me which is a start. And she's gay. And she's one of the four. God I make myself sound bad...We shall see but :D good times all round. Can't wait. Just hope I have the money at the time...but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

William was rather excellent yesterday :) got my first couple of blisters on my hands, proud times. Hope I'm doing well on him. I also hope something comes up for my sister, point one because I know how much she loves horses and how capable she is but point two because I think it would drive me mad to have a constant cling on and a constant face everytime she can't come, she can't ride or I want to go on my own.

Our local shithole club Siberia is closing next week, end of an era. From the ages 16-18 I actually lived there. I was there every wednesday without fail. So next wednesday for old times, we're off there to cause some trouble, throw some shapes and get so drunk we probably fall over like old times. I just hope I'm not in work at silly oclock thee next day...

God corrie are really over doing with the gayness now...first gay kiss, sophie and sian and now ken's grandson whoever he is has just come out. You can be too diverse you know.
And now Tyrone and the ambulance have turned up just as the babys coming out of mollys fanny. As if. 'Oh my god it's him!' nahh mate, it's ken barlow, who the frig did you think was gonna be coming out from down there?!

I got a bit excited before cos I thought I might have to sell Molly cos car insurance is just a joke these days and I was totally gonna buy Bob but then direct line saved the day...ah well, maybe one day I'll drive out of bury...

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