Monday, 6 September 2010

Time to take your own advice.

"  Shabby has declared that she loves Caoimhe and, after questioning the motives behind her flirtatious behaviour, has decided to confront her on how she truly feels.

After drinking some of the alcohol provided by Big Brother earlier on tonight, Caoimhe and Shabby started playfighting while waiting for the Diary Room, during which they hugged and kissed. When the two went to talk to Big Brother, Caoimhe was asked to leave the Diary Room to clean one of the bathroom mirrors that the pair had drawn on with toothpaste. When Shabby came to join her, she revealed that she had made "lustful comments" about her in the Diary Room, which Caoimhe appeared to be clearly uncomfortable with.

The duo were later sat in the garden talking to Ife when Caoimhe grabbed Shabby's breasts, causing her to march angrily back into the house. After sarcastically praising Shabby for lasting an hour without storming off, Ife grabbed Caoimhe and told her that she had to be careful with how she acts around Shabby.

"You just don’t know how things can be edited," Ife stressed. "You don’t want to be seen as leading someone on."

Caoimhe thanked Ife but said that she was going to bed, stating: "I can't be arsed with this shit."

She was joined in bed by Shabby and the two appeared to be straightening things out, until the 24-year-old squatter headed back out into the main house.

"It's just so hard," Caoimhe told Nathan, who was resting in the bed opposite. "I don’t realise that she feels like that anymore. What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to just back off?

"I'm probably going to be portrayed as a fucking lesbian…I've forgotten about what she's said to me, I don’t register, I don’t believe it. She doesn’t flirt with me, we’re just good friends.  "

Rule Number 1  Shabby, never get yourself a straight girl crush. It's never going anywhere good.

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