Tuesday, 21 September 2010

How small have penguins got?

Seriously what a rip.
Anyway I'll keep this quite brief. Last week or so felt like absolute toss, probably due to the fact that everyone under the sun is ignoring me. Including the most important girl of them all which is making me paranoid about what I've done for sure.  I always scare them off in the end.
I've been really down and angry and it's making me wonder if the tablets are having any effect anymore. Clearly the NHS doesn't care enough to getme counselling, it's been 4 months and nothing. Bag of shit. Gonna start going to the gym hopefully, see if that helps.
So yeah, I'm invisible. It's like being patrick swayze in ghost.
Not seen William for a while. Just leaving it 'til it's actually down to me to be honest, can't be arsed with people who are gonna fuck me around.
Might have to give my ridinglesson up which I'm really gutted about but now I have a career  can hardly ask for every wednesday night off. Going to have to look into a private or somewhere I can take William.
The only one upside to all this is that I LOVE my new job. I didn't think I would and I didn't think I'd be able to cope with half the challenges thrown at me but I am. Which is really positive. Te only time I'm really content is at work which is why I've already put my name down for overtime. That and because I'm over a grand in debt which needs paying back like now. At 20 years old.
Man, I'm just bored of life. "How can you get bored of life you never know what's coming."
Well yes, yes I do. More shit.

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