Sunday, 26 September 2010


Hello again.
Once again I'll keep this brief as I have a headache and a thirteen hour shift waiting for me tomorrow. Boohoo.
Bit cheerier over the last couple of days. The girl wasn't ignoring me, her phone sent all my texts through at once like 5 days later :| this makes me unsure of whether to get a blackberry. But let's face it, I probably will anyway. We're going out wednesday night :)
The new job is still AWESOME. Still getting on with everyone, still haven't made any major boo boos or killed anyone. In fact some seem to have taken a shine to me. Even doing peg feeds and meds on my own! ey up.
It's officially down to me with William now. Well not entirely but you know what I mean. Nervous? Yes. Excited? Yes. I think so far I have been underestimated with what I've ridden and what I've coped with which is making me doubt myself so I'll definitely needs to be getting in the saddle asoften as possible and keeping up with lessons. The aim after all is to get my own next year, o at least have my name down for one anyway.
Payday on thurs, will my trouble be over or will it be worse? Who knows.

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